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#1 Nov 29, 2023 8:00:PM


Hefner's Bisexual Bottom Son...

Hugh Hefner’s bisexual bottom son Marston Hefner is giving Playmate vibes posing topless in a skirt... … t-20231129

Marston Hefner is making his father proud.

After going viral earlier this year for joining OnlyFans, the “bisexual AF” 33-year-old son of late Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner is now channeling his inner Playmate in new sultry, avant-garde fashion pics he uploaded to Instagram.

Fun fact: Marston’s mom, Kimberley Conrad, was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 1988 and later Playmate of the Year in 1989.

Standing in a stark carpeted room adorned with a wood stove atop of a tiled platform, Marston posed topless in a white, floor-length, denim skirt with his hands at his waist.

Giving Blue Steel face for the gawds, Marston stared intently into the camera as his adorable pug laid sprawled on the rug unamused by the impromptu half-nude pictorial.

Naomi Campbell is shook!

While he posted the snap without comment, Hefner’s followers were overwhelmingly enamored with the gender-nonconforming sartorial spectacle.

“This is giving Balenciaga,” wrote one fashionista.

“The exposed areolas complete the look,” added a second.

“I want a skirt that matches my dog too,” a third commented.

While another offered some up some unsolicited modeling advice by writing: “This isn’t that bad, give us a look! Need to work the face and you’ll have it.”

You can’t please everyone!

Hugh Hefner’s “bisexual AF” son just revealed the worst request he’s gotten on OnlyFans so far

But Marston was undeterred and followed it up with a shot of the lewk from a different angle that gave a fuller vision of his editorial prowess.

With his slender bare back facing the camera, Marston looked down at the floor giving a peek at his right profile and the flowing train of his skirt.

And without missing a beat, his four-legged friend also turned over and struck a new pose by outstretching his paws and obscuring his adorable mug into the rug. Shablam!

10s, 10s, 10s across the board, hunty!

Marston previously explained how he grew up in a household where nudity and sexuality was celebrated, so he had no issue with making risqué content for OnlyFans.

“I grew up with Playboy’s strewn around the house…nudity was a common thing growing up,” he told PageSix.

However, Hefner, who has been married to wife Anna Lambropoulos since August 2022, said that his wife was “not crazy” about the racy endeavor but she’s glad he’s helping normalize nudity.

“Marston’s also a really tall, thin guy. He’s got his own unique body type, and he’s comfortable showing it,” she told the outlet in September. “I think those are all really great messages that Marston is promoting through doing OnlyFans.”

The happily-married couple welcomed their first child, son Forrest, in July and with their new addition came new criticisms about his explicit content.

“People get upset that I’m a sex worker and a dad, which is like, I guess porn stars and people who pose nude can’t be parents,” he told Page Six.

“So [parents] can watch sex workers and masturbate to them, but you’re not allowed to be one and be a parent? It doesn’t make sense.”

Unlike many sex workers, Marston has a financial cushion thanks to an inheritance following his father’s death in 2017. Still, he recently used $100K of his OnlyFans coins to pay for two Pokémon cards and a comic book.

Guess there are worse things than stripping for Pikachu!


#2 Nov 30, 2023 12:16:AM


Re: Hefner's Bisexual Bottom Son...

Well, not sure I'd ever hook up with that. Kinda dumpy looking


#3 Nov 30, 2023 1:16:AM


Re: Hefner's Bisexual Bottom Son...

I thought OnlyFans only marketed twinks. It's good older men (and their dogs) can find a niche on the site.


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