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Lupine56 Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: May. 18, 2022
Joined: Aug 01, 2016
Age: 65
Gender: Male
Location: Manassas, VA, US
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Men
HIV Status: Negative
Height: 6 ft. 3 in. /190.50 cm.
Weight: 235 lbs.
Race/Ethnicity: White
About Me
Laid back easy going sort, looking locally. I like to have the possibility of meeting face to face. Not to interested in camming/skype and such with distant folks who I can never meet. Friend requests ignored if you are not local, or we have not at least chatted.
Not very active, getting used to this site, doesnt seem much local to me ;-( so i browse a lot.,
Oral & tactile mostly,, luv giving head with full dentures removed! (&swallow of course) (btm).
weakness for certain smooth asian&moc sorts., but fairly open. Friends, FWB and who knows what else ;-)
Education & Work
Education: yep
Employer: got one
College/University: yep
Religion: all churches are man made,, with a lot of made up nonsense. I laugh at people who pick and choose verses, and ignore others. Brings to mind the old phrase 'when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you'. The bible was written by man,, and translated many times without referring to the original . It is loaded with translation errors & often quoted out of context, and that becomes very relevant when bible banger type bash gays, they have not a clue and can't take it when they learn it doesn't mean what they thought it did. Also publishers added their own slants. Take for example the word homosexual was never in the bible until the mid 18th century by german publisher.
Political Views: most politicians spend most of their time not doing their actual job. Basically incompetent.
too many voters vote based not on the person/the job/best fit, but if the candidate likes what they like &/or qualities irrelevant to the job,
Favorite Quotes: don't take life to seriously, no one gets out of it alive!
Arts & Entertainment
Movies: sci-fi, comedy, fantasy
Games: tiddly winks
Favortie Sports: my only interest in sports would be some sexy athletic views ;-)

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